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Do Breast Implants Interfere with Mammograms?

brunette-smilingThis is an extremely popular concern expressed by women seeking to enhance the appearance of their breasts through augmentation surgery. Although it is true that implants can make viewing breast tissue a bit more challenging during traditional mammograms, there are specialized mammography methods available today that can help deliver more accurate and definitive results.

One technique that can improve the accuracy of mammogram readings for patients with breast implants placed underneath the pectoral muscle is the utilization of “implant displacement” views. During the mammogram screening, the radiologist performing the exam can pull the breast tissue forward while pushing the implant back along the chest wall. This allows four special images to be captured in addition to the four traditional x-rays taken, providing a more complete view of the tissues in each breast.

In the event this method (or any other specialized techniques) doesn’t provide a sufficient enough mammography result, an MRI can often be requested instead. This approach can help enable the radiologist to get an improved view of breast tissues when implants are being particularly disruptive to the imaging results.

If you have implants and wish to schedule a mammogram, be sure to inform the clinic or hospital when booking your appointment. This will help them better prepare for your exam, ultimately leading to the most accurate results possible.

For more information about mammograms and breast implants, or if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to contact the OSU Department of Plastic Surgery online or by phone at 614-259-7920.

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