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Will Pregnancy Affect My Breast Implants?


A common concern for many women interested in breast augmentation is whether or not their breast implants will be negatively impacted by a future pregnancy. It is important to first understand that pregnancy and breastfeeding (should a mother choose to do so) will uniquely affect every woman’s body, including her breasts. That said, the great majority of women will experience swelling and/or enlargement of the breasts throughout their pregnancy, which is often followed by some degree of volume loss once the production of breastmilk has ceased.

Regardless of the specific breast changes that may occur during or after pregnancy, the good news is that the form and integrity of implants should not be threatened, no matter which type of breast implants were received. This does not mean, however, that the breasts will return exactly to their pre-pregnancy appearance and feel – there may be some excess skin and/or drooping caused by a fluctuation in breast volume. Depending on how significant this breast sagging or skin laxity is, a breast lift and/or larger implants might be necessary for women who wish to regain the breast shape, size, and overall aesthetic they enjoyed prior to pregnancy.

Ultimately, predicting the exact changes one will experience during pregnancy is impossible, but whatever physical effects occur should have no bearing on the structure and stability of breast implants when the augmentation is performed safely and correctly by a qualified plastic surgeon.

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