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About the Breast Reconstruction Center

At the Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery Breast Reconstruction Center, our entire team of surgeons, nurses, and support staff understand the physical and emotional demands that are placed on women who are faced with the loss of one or both breasts. Whether due to mastectomy, lumpectomy, injury, or congenital deformity, the removal of breast tissue can be a life-saving procedure; however, the toll it takes on patients can be very high. Our goal is to help you through this period with advanced breast reconstruction options that can give you a renewed sense of confidence and restore what has been lost. Reconstructive surgeons at our practice are specialty-trained in breast reconstruction and microsurgery, and are skilled with every major breast reconstruction technique available.

The OSU Department of Plastic Surgery is known all over the Midwest for its reconstructive surgery successes, and breast reconstruction is often at the top of that list. Our doctors will meet with you in an initial consultation to discuss your needs and goals. We will go over each step of the reconstruction process with you, and help you determine the technique that will help you attain the most natural-looking results.

Team Approach

Our breast reconstruction experts are intent upon making your care a collaborative effort in order to give you the best possible results and the safest procedures. We work with other medical professionals involved in your care, including your oncologist, radiologist, primary care physician, breast surgeon, and others who can help us to achieve those goals. We are committed to offering you a team approach to every step of the breast reconstruction process, and you are part of that team. Our surgeons really listen to your concerns and want you to be able to make the most educated decisions about your treatment.

Every member of our breast reconstruction team is dedicated to offering your compassionate care and support throughout the entire treatment process. We provide personalized care to help you achieve your goals and rebuild what you have lost. Together, we can help you through this next stage of recovery and give you new breasts that look natural and beautiful.

Dr. Michael Miller on Breast Reconstruction

For questions regarding breast reconstruction, or for more information on our Breast Reconstruction Center and the procedures we provide, please contact the Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery.