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October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month


October is a very important month in the fight against breast cancer!  Not only is it Breast Cancer Awareness Month, but on October 17th we celebrate Breast Reconstruction Awareness (aka BRA) day!  BRA day is a new(ish) celebration of breast reconstruction, first celebrated in 2011, and is recognized the third Wednesday of every October.  The main purpose of BRA day is to help educate the public about the role of Breast Reconstruction in the treatment of breast cancer. Please visit for more information about this important day!


Breast reconstruction can be a powerful rehabilitative tool for women who undergo mastectomy for breast cancer.  Reconstruction can be performed by several methods, including prosthetic materials or using the patient’s own tissue.  The type of reconstruction recommended will be determined by the patient’s body, goals, and need for other treatments.


Depending on the other treatments the patient requires, reconstruction can either be performed at the time of the mastectomy or at a later time.  Either way, insurance companies are required to provide coverage for reconstructive surgery.


We at Ohio State University have the largest group of physicians in the Midwest who specialize in all types of breast reconstruction.  We take pride in customizing the reconstruction to our patients’ needs and goals, and are honored to be part of their care.

By Dr. Jay Boehmler

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