Additional Flap Surgery

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Additional Flap Breast Reconstruction Surgery

Similar to other breast reconstruction procedures available at our practice, such as TRAM-Flap and DIEP-Flap surgery, flap reconstruction options such as GAP, S-GAP, and SIEA reconstruction involves taking tissue and/or muscle from one area of the body and relocating them to the chest to create a new breast. There are many advantages to flap reconstruction procedures such as those described below, and they can be beneficial alternatives for women who may not be candidates for implant reconstruction.

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GAP Reconstruction

GAP Breast reconstruction can often be a beneficial procedure for women who are very thin and do not have an adequate amount of abdominal tissue for DIEP Flap or TRAM Flap reconstruction. This innovative procedure is known for it’s youthful-looking results. Gap reconstruction involves taking tissue from the buttock and relocating it to the chest to create the new breast. Fat, skin, and small blood vessels from the area above the buttock, in the hip area, or in the lower buttock can be utilized in this procedure.

GAP breast reconstruction involves microsurgery techniques (the connecting of tiny blood vessels) and does not require the transfer of gluteal muscle to the breast, which can result in less pain during the recovery period.

S-GAP Reconstruction

Superior Gluteal Artery Perforator flap reconstruction (S-GAP) is a procedure designed to take fat and skin from the top area of the buttock and move it to the chest to form a new breast mound. Very similar to Gap reconstruction, S-GAP procedures can be an effective alternative for patients who may not be good candidates for implant reconstruction or other flap reconstruction options such as TRAM Flap or DIEP Flap. After tissue and skin is moved from the buttock to the breast area, our OSU reconstructive surgeon will microsurgically connect small arteries and blood vessels from the donor tissue to the chest.

As with Gap reconstruction, S-GAP surgery does not involve relocating muscle from the buttock. This reconstruction option also results in a procedure akin to a buttock lift in addition to the creation of the new breast.

SIEA Reconstruction

An SIEA flap reconstruction procedures is similar to a DIEP flap reconstruction in that tissue and fat from the abdomen is moved to the chest to create a new breast mound. However, SIEA reconstruction differs from the DIEP flap procedure in that the blood vessels from the donor skin are microsurgically reattached to the chest area to form an entirely new blood supply for the restored breast, rather than tunneling the vessels through abdominal muscles. Once the skin and fat from the abdominal area has been moved to the chest and the blood vessels are reconnected, your OSU reconstructive surgeon will mold and shape the new breast.

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