Breast Implants

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For individuals considering breast augmentation or implant breast reconstruction, one of the most critical decisions to be made is selecting the right breast implants. At The Ohio State University Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery, our experienced plastic surgeons offer an expansive range of implant options, including both saline and silicone varieties. During the consultation process, your surgeon will introduce all available choices, comprehensively discussing the advantages and disadvantages of each type, shape, and size. It is our goal to ensure you feel fully informed so that you can choose the most appropriate breast implants for your unique needs and desired results.

Breast Implant Options

Today, breast implants are available in more types, shapes, and sizes than ever before. When you meet with one of our doctors for your consultation, you will be assisted in the implant selection process by VECTRA® 3D imaging. Using this state-of-the-art technology, you will be able to virtually “try on” various implant options and view a three dimensional image of results that can potentially be attained with your implant(s) of choice. The digital photograph can be altered and modified as many times as it takes to find the implants that most effectively match your goals and expectations. While VECTRA® 3D imaging cannot predict your final outcome with 100% accuracy, it can help make choosing the right breast implants a simpler, more comfortable experience.

The two main types of breast implants offered at The Ohio State University Department of Plastic and Reconstructive Surgery include:

Saline Implants

FDA-approved for patients at least 18 years of age, saline breast implants are comprised of a saltwater solution enclosed in an outer silicone casing. This implant option comes in several shapes and sizes, and it has proved to achieve excellent, natural-looking outcomes for many women over the years. The incisions utilized for saline implants are often a bit smaller since the implants are filled once they have already been placed in the breasts, and in the event of a leak or rupture, the saline solution will be harmlessly absorbed and eliminated by the body.

Silicone Implants

Silicone breast implants are approved by the FDA for breast augmentation over the age of 22, as well as for breast reconstruction patients of any age. Composed of thick silicone gel encased in an outer silicone shell, this implant is preferred by many over saline implants due to its closer resemblance to natural breasts in both look and feel. In addition to a natural appearance, silicone implants are typically less prone to rippling, and they can be particularly beneficial for individuals who have a thin physique.

Ultimately, both saline and silicone implants have distinct pros and cons in regard to one another, all of which will be covered in full detail during the implant selection process.

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