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About the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center

The Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center within the Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery is a fully equipped, state-of-the-art facility offering the latest in cosmetic enhancement and plastic surgery procedures. Our center offers both surgical and non-surgical treatments designed to help patients achieve their goals with results that look both natural and beautiful. Our plastic surgeons and skin care experts aim to give you results that accentuate your natural aesthetic gifts and look wonderful – without people noticing you’ve “had work done.”

Our center offers some of the most advanced cosmetic and plastic surgery treatments available, given to you by experienced plastic surgeons and skin care professionals. We customize all of our treatments to the individual patient, and we will be honest with you about which procedures may or may not be the best options for your needs.

At the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center, we offer a full range of procedures that can enhance your appearance, redesign your body’s contour and shape, reduce signs of aging and fatigue, and give you the look you desire, which can ultimately provide a great boost to your self-confidence as well.

Our plastic surgeons offer procedures including:

Please take a look through our website to find detailed explanations on the many procedures available here at the Aesthetic Plastic Surgery Center within the OSU Department of Plastic Surgery. We can help you attain your ultimate goals with the latest procedures, skilled and comprehensive care, and a devotion to safe, effective treatment.