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What to Expect After Facelift Surgery

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Immediately after facelift surgery, patients can expect some degree of bruising or swelling, though these side effects typically dissipate within a few days. Some individuals report minimal to moderate pain or discomfort in the days following the procedure, but oral medication can generally be used to easily manage—or completely resolve—these symptoms.

Many of our patients have found it helpful to arrange for a family member or close friend to assist in daily activities during the first two to three days of recovery, allowing them to fully rest. Our plastic surgeons at the Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery recommend keeping the head elevated during this time to expedite the healing process and help diminish swelling. Within ten days of surgery, patients typically feel comfortable returning to work or normal daily activities, and makeup can be applied at this time to conceal any side effects of the procedure that have yet to dissipate. Despite this return to normal routines, our doctors advise that patients avoid strenuous physical activity for about three to four weeks to provide ample time for the face to heal completely. After these weeks have passed, the majority of individuals should be able to see the final results of their facelift and enjoy a smoother, more youthful facial aesthetic.

Ultimately, every patient heals differently, and your surgeon will review detailed postoperative instructions regarding how to best care for yourself in the weeks following the procedure at the time of the consultation. If you would like to schedule an appointment with one of our plastic surgeons, or to learn more about facelift surgery, please don’t hesitate to contact our office today.

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