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Hand and Elbow Surgery

Problems and injuries of the hands and elbows can result in debilitating conditions that can severely affect your lifestyle, as well as your appearance. The Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery is home to specialist plastic and reconstructive surgeons who are experienced and skilled with procedures that can improve both form and function of the hands and elbows. Whether you have been affected with conditions such as arthritis and Carpal Tunnel Syndrome or deformities and traumatic injury, our hand and elbow surgeons can help you reduce pain, restore partial to full hand function, and even renew the appearance of the hands.

Please take a look through our Hand Surgery and Elbow Surgery program by following the links below, and contact the the Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery to schedule a consultation.

About the Hand and Elbow Surgery Center

Our Hand and Elbow Surgery Center is composed of a team of specialists who are skilled with procedures and treatments designed to improve an array of hand and elbow conditions. Our plastic and reconstructive surgeons are committed to safe, effective, and technologically advanced treatment options that can help you meet your needs.

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Hand and Elbow Procedures

Our surgeons offer a full range of procedures that can renew form and function in the hands and elbows. Treatments include options to address arthritis, Tennis Elbow, trauma, Mallet Finger, bent or deformed hands or fingers, damaged nerves, and more.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Find answers to frequently asked questions (FAQs) about hand surgery and elbow surgery. Our team of specialists can address your concerns.

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