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Addressing Migraine Pain

Suffering from migraines? You’re not alone! In the United States, 18% of women and 6% of men suffer from migraine headaches. It is actually more common than asthma and diabetes combined. Those who have migraines are all too familiar with their impact – lost time from work, trips to the doctor, visits to the emergency room, medications, and most importantly, significant impacts to their quality of life. The cost is high, both literally and figuratively.

While there are medications designed to help (both those designed to prevent migraines as well as those designed to get rid of them once you get a headache), some people do not get benefit. Actually, some might even get unwanted side effects, or perhaps are unable to take medications designed to treat migraines because of medical conditions, allergies, or pregnancy.

For those who suffer from chronic migraines (more than 15 days a month) and who have been officially diagnosed with migraines by a neurologist, there is an alternative treatment. The treatment involves determining if you have “trigger sites”, which are nerves of the head and neck that may be compressed by the tissues around them (muscles, fascia, blood vessels, and even bone). Using a careful history and tests like botulinum toxin (FDA approved), nerve blocks, CT scans, and tests to determine the location of blood vessels, you may be a candidate for migraine surgery.

Migraine surgery is not new. It has been around since 2000. I was one of the first to perform this type of surgery, and have been performing it since 2003, when I helped perform original research on the nerves that may be responsible for these headaches when I was in Dallas. Since that time, there has been a lot of science and data published to support the safety and efficacy of this type of treatment. It has a high success rate and a good track record of helping patients with chronic, debilitating migraines (especially those that have failed traditional or even other alternative forms of treatment). To see if you are a candidate for migraine surgery, please call 614-293-8566 to schedule an appointment to see Dr. Janis at the Gowdy Fields clinic at Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center.

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