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Physician Spotlight – Maristella Evangelista, MD, MBA

evangelistaIn the most recent installment of OSU’s Physician Spotlight series, we learn a bit more about one of our Assistant Professors of Plastic Surgery, Dr. Maristella Evangelista. Take a look at Dr. Evangelista’s answers to our questions below.

Q: Who or what influenced you to become a physician?
I would say my parents were most influential. They are both physicians – my mom is in pediatrics and my dad is in cardiology – and I’ve been exposed to medicine my whole life. In addition, I really just enjoyed my science classes. I was taking science and art classes as part of my major in college, and I saw plastic surgery as a way to marry those two interests.

Q: What’s the most important advice you have for patients?
My most important advice for patients is to do what’s right for you. My job is to provide patients information about what I can offer as well as comprehensively explain the risks and benefits of what they may be considering, but they ultimately have to make the decision that’s best for them.

Q: What is your practice philosophy?
My practice philosophy is really listening for what patients are seeking. This includes listening for what their concerns are and what they’d like to address, and really helping to achieve that in the way I believe is most appropriate for them.

Q: What are your specialty interests?
My specialty interests include breast surgery – both reconstructive and cosmetic – as well as abdominal surgery. I also perform body contouring, facial cosmetic surgery, cancer reconstruction, and microsurgery.

Q: What current news, advancements, or technologies from your field do you find exciting and interesting to share?
There are a lot of new treatments in plastic surgery, and a lot of new products that need to be investigated more before we make them available for patients. That said, one of the most exciting, relatively recent advancements would be CoolSculpting®, which is a non-invasive way of freezing fat and causing the atrophy of that fat in localized areas. In addition, I think KYBELLA® is another technology that’s going to be very promising. It has proved to really work well in dissolving fat in the submental region for many patients.

Q: How do you think your work benefits the field of plastic surgery or clinical plastic surgery?
I’m the type of person who is always seeking to make things better, whether it’s the patient’s experience, the surgical process, or even the results of treatment. I feel that type of mentality is always going to forward what we’re doing in plastic surgery as a whole.

Q: What brought you to OSU’s Department of Plastic Surgery?
I really liked the group at OSU. I found it to be a culture that’s supportive, collaborative, and forward-thinking. It’s a friendly environment, and in addition to working on cases together, I feel that the surgeons are very good at promoting individual goals. They are happy to have me do the things that personally excite me. In addition to this great environment, I also wanted to be in education so that I can make a contribution to the future of plastic surgery. OSU gives me the opportunity to work with and teach residents who will eventually become plastic surgeons.

Q: What do you most enjoy about your work?
I most enjoy my patients. I like being able to talk to them and help them in a unique way, really getting to know them on a different level than most individuals get to know people.

Q: What has been your proudest moment as a physician?
It’s similar to what I enjoy most about my work – it’s when you have those patients who are so happy and so thankful. You’ve been there for them during that important moment or change in their lives. It always makes everything worth it.

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