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Regenerative Medicine: Advancements In The Making

From the @deanlab Instagram account "Fifty scaffolds for tissue engineering of bone."

From the @deanlab Instagram account “Fifty scaffolds for tissue engineering of bone.”

In our previous blog post, Dr. David Dean gave an overview of his involvement in 3D printing, additive manufacturing, and the field’s history in regards to plastic surgery. In this follow-up post, he will discuss his lab’s current research projects as they continue their valuable contributions to field.

At the moment, the Dean Lab has two major projects we are working on, both of which involve additive manufacturing and 3D-printed implants. We have a grant from the Defense Department to create new therapies for mandibular segmental defects—in layman’s terms, to help a patient who has had a large piece of their jawbone removed due to cancer or significant trauma. Our team is developing a strategy to regenerate the natural bone and make that new segment of bone strong enough to successfully hold a dental implant.

We are also working on a new project in conjunction with Dr. John Fisher at the University of Maryland, funded by the National Institute of Health. This project focuses on seeding hydrogels. We are working with polymer gels that contain bone progenitor cells and blood vessel progenitor cells. The main goal of this project is to create a material that will supply blood to the new bone before the implant is actually placed during surgery. This process of using a tissue-engineered graft built in a bioreactor promotes healthy bone growth before the surgery even takes place, increasing the likelihood of the body accepting the implant.

Dr. David Dean, Ph.D.

Please return to our blog soon, when Dr. Dean will reveal his thoughts on the future of regenerative medicine and additive manufacturing.

To learn more about the Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery or Dr. Dean’s most recent work, feel free to contact us.

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