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Abdominoplasty and Pregnancy

Two of the most common questions our board-certified plastic surgeons hear from women considering tummy tuck surgery include: “Is it okay to undergo abdominoplasty prior to having children?” and “What are the risks if I do become pregnant after my procedure?” As with any cosmetic treatment, all questions will ultimately need to be answered on an individual basis, but the following information generally applies to the majority of patients who have these inquiries.

While it is certainly “okay” to receive a tummy tuck before having kids, our doctors typically advise female patients to hold off on surgery until they are finished having children. The reasoning behind this recommendation is because the physical changes usually associated with pregnancy may negatively affect the results of an earlier procedure. For example, the abdominal skin and musculature can re-stretch, often leading to the same aesthetic concerns that were treated in the first place. Depending on the severity of these concerns, corrective surgery—or even another abdominoplasty—might be needed to restore one’s desired abdominal contour.

Fortunately, there is not generally an increased risk for medical issues or complications in the event a woman becomes pregnant at some point after receiving a tummy tuck—the health of a mother and her child should be just fine. However, as previously mentioned, the physical changes that often accompany pregnancy may create the need or desire for a secondary abdominoplasty.

If you have additional questions about tummy tuck surgery, or for more personalized answers to these inquiries based on your specific needs and goals, we encourage you to contact the Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery. One of our plastic surgeons will be happy to address any and all questions or concerns you may have during a private consultation.

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