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What Is Tummy Tuck Recovery Like?

Immediately following tummy tuck surgery (medically referred to as abdominoplasty), patients can expect some degree of bruising, swelling, and tenderness to be present both in and around the abdominal region. It is rare for significant pain to occur, but any discomfort experienced can usually be well-managed with medication. All of these side effects are temporary, and they should gradually dissipate with the passage of time.

Starting as soon as possible, patients are encouraged to take brief walks to facilitate blood flow and avoid clotting in the extremities. In between walks, however, our surgeons instruct individuals to rest in a comfortable position that does not put stress on incision sites, as this is critical to helping incisions heal well and ensuring the least visible scarring possible.

The majority of women and men are able to resume normal daily routines like office jobs, running errands, and going to school after approximately one to two weeks. That said, any activities and/or actions that may place strain on the abdominal region should be avoided for a minimum of six weeks to give the treatment area enough time to fully heal. This includes—but is not limited to—vigorous exercise, heavy lifting, and most sports. Resuming these types of activities too soon may compromise the final outcome of treatment.

In the end, recovery from abdominoplasty will be unique to everyone, so it is important to ask your plastic surgeon what you can expect after surgery based on your specific needs and goals. If you are interested in tummy tuck surgery and would like to schedule a consultation with one of our board-certified doctors, please contact the Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery today.

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