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Facial Skin Cancer Reconstructions

The Ohio State University Department of Plastic Surgery is home to a team of expert skin cancer reconstruction surgeons that can help patients restore their appearance after removal of cancerous areas of skin. Our doctors are skilled with a range of techniques that have proven to not only restore areas of skin affected by cancer, but also leave them with minimal scarring and often virtually no signs of damage or previous treatment. With advanced skin cancer reconstruction options available at our practice, you can eliminate cancerous areas of skin and emerge with a restored and natural-looking appearance in the affected area.

Please contact the OSU Department of Plastic Surgery for more information on skin cancer reconstruction, or to schedule a consultation with one of our surgeons.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction – Cheeks

The skin of the cheeks occupies a large area of the face, and since there is often an abundance of tissue in the cheeks, our doctors can reconstruct them by repositioning skin that lies to the sides of the region where the cancer was removed. The results of cheek reconstruction after cancer can look very natural with little to no visible signs that the area has had surgery. Techniques can also include flap reconstruction for areas of removed cancer that are closer to the ears, as well as other treatment options.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction – Eyelids

Reconstruction after removal of cancerous growths around the eyes typically leads to a very successful healing process and minimal scarring because the eyelid regions are the thinnest areas of skin among facial features. If the cancer is located in areas other than the eyelashes, many patients can experience skin reconstruction with results that leave little to no sign that there was ever anything wrong. A number of treatment options are available to successfully remove cancer around the eyelids and restore the skin in this area.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction – Lip

Typically caused by overexposure to the sun or smoking, lip cancer can often necessitate removal of lip tissue. Our doctors can restore the appearance to the lips and improve a number of basic lifestyle functions, including speaking, eating, kissing, and smiling. Reconstruction surgeons at our practice can utilize treatment techniques including flap procedures (relocation of small amounts of tissue from one lip to the other). Using advanced cancer reconstruction techniques, patients who have had lip cancer can have the affected areas effectively restored for better form and function with natural-looking results.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction – Nose

Since skin cancer can often affect the sun-damage prone areas of the nose, our practice offers a variety of techniques to restore the nasal appearance and even improve function if underlying structures have been affected by cancer removal. Rhinoplasty and procedures to renew nasal structure and support, and/or skin grafting procedures to recreate the nose’s natural appearance, can significantly improve nasal function and aesthetics after cancer.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction – Other Areas

Skin cancer can affect any area of the body, particularly those that have been heavily exposed to the sun. Although facial skin is often a target for skin cancer, any type of the condition can affect the arms, legs, torso, hands, feet, back, and other areas. Our experienced reconstructive surgeons utilize state-of-the-art techniques, including flap reconstruction surgery, skin repositioning, and other options to restore the look of your skin after cancer has been removed.

Skin Cancer Reconstruction Recovery

For many patients, facial skin cancer reconstruction procedures can be performed as an outpatient and the recovery period is relatively minimal; however, each case is unique and recovery times will vary depending on the extent of treatment. There will be some swelling and bruising present in the treated area, but this is only temporary and should fade within a few days. Any pain and discomfort after the procedure can be alleviated with medication. Patients can often resume normal daily activities within one to three weeks.

Schedule A Consultation For Skin Cancer Reconstruction

The plastic and reconstructive surgeons at the OSU Department of Plastic Surgery treat areas of the face affected by cancer and restore the look of your skin. If you would like more information on our skin cancer reconstruction procedures, or if you would like to schedule a consultation with one of our reconstructive surgeons, please contact us today.